Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here is our sweet little man!!

So after two false alarms and many, many nights of contractions...my Dr. finally said we'd be induced on January 15th....11 days early....THANK THE LORD!!! We called the family and made sure everyone could make it for the big day. Sure enough the Mennel clan made their way to OH the night before. Keira was sick as a little puppy and I felt horrible for leaving her, but knew she'd be in good hands. We made our way to the hospital by 6 AM on Thursday morning...my thoughts were to have a baby boy by 3 PM! Pitocin was started by 6:45 and we were anxiously waiting for the action to begin. I could not wait to meet my little boy! Around 11 they decided to order my epidural and said they would break my water shortly after. Epidural was a little more painful this time around than the first time...I think the contractions I was experiencing the first time were a little stronger and I didn't care what they did to take that pain away! Once the epidural was in place they broke my water and we were in business!! Between my nurse, midwife and Dr...this time around was so much more relaxed! If I could be guaranteed the same experience everytime...I'd have 6 more kids! Don wouldn't, but I would!

With Don, my mom and dad and Don's mom all in the room coaching me along....Kalen James made his entrance on Jan 15th, at 3:31 PM, he was 7lbs 15oz and 21 1/2 in...lots of dark hair! His little cry was the sweetest sound, he sounded just like a little lamb. Which is exactly the way my mom always described my cry! They placed him in my arms and I instantly fell in love....he has my heart! If they could bottle up and sell the feeling you have when you see your own child for the very first time, someone would be a millionaire! I never want to forget those first few moments...they are magical! 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, perfect little lips, cute as a button nose and those ears...so adorable! He is a keeper, that's for sure!

Kalen and momma!

Daddy, checking him out!

So stinkin cute!

Big Sister, not so sure about this new baby!

But she does love the baby doll that Kalen brought her!

I was so excited to see my little Keira with her baby brother. But what I soon found out was that my "little" Keira wasn't so "little" anymore...she was a giant! She really didn't want much to do with me or her brother that day and I was a little worried...but the next day, she wouldn't put him down! She loves her brother so much...I get such a kick out of listening to her talk to him or about him, she acts so old!

Aww, that's better! She cannot get enough of him now!
What a cutie!

Nana and Kalen.

Papaw and Kalen!

Auntie Mamie and Kalen!

It's so funny how life plays out...I went from beginning to think I wouldn't ever be a mommy to becoming a mommy to two in two years! God has a plan for everyone and he knows when the right time is...he is so good!! Enjoy the pics of my newest love, Kalen James!

Auntie Holly and Kalen!

Auntie A and Kalen!!

Ty, Shae and Kalen!

Kalen coming home!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I can't believe she is 2!!!

My little Princess!
It was 7:13 AM on January 5, 2007...into the world came the most beautiful baby girl I've ever seen! She was so tiny, just 6 lbs 6 oz, 19 1/2 in....fast forward to January 5, 2009 even more beautiful and loved far more than I could ever imagine loving anything. She's a little bigger now, 26 lbs 9 oz and 35 in! She is by far, the smartest 2 year old I know....I might be a little biased!! She can tell you her ABC's, her full name and her brother's, she knows her colors (most of the time!), she can tell you what shapes are in front of her and good grief if you don't know who the President is...ask Keira she'll tell you! She does get a little confused and says the President lives in a Brown house, we're working on that! She cracks me up with that little personality of hers and the looks she gives me...where did they come from! I am absolutely in love with her!

A candle in her donuts on the day of her party!!

We decided since "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" is her very favorite book...she brings it to me all the time to read to her...that the theme of her 2nd Birthday should be "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"! So we did our best to go along with the book...all the food we had at the party were the different foods the caterpillar ate in the book! The cake, had me a nervous wreck...if anyone knows me...they'll know that I am not a very good cake decorator, but I try my hardest! Thanks to Daddy and Keira's aunties for guiding me through this one! Being 9 mos pregnant made me a little emotional, especially when one of the cakes completely collapsed...*&^^%%%$#!
Here's the Caterpillar cake!
We read the book so everyone would know the story...here's Carter coming in for a closer look!!
Here's Keira showing off some of the gifts she received!
She loved Ceili's umbrella so Auntie Holly and clan bought her her very own umbrella and raincoat!
Keira on her new bike, from Mommy and Daddy!
Ty loves pushing Keira around the house on her bike! Reminds me of the "horse races" my sister's and I used to have at our parents house!

Merry Christmas!!!

One of my favorite times of year is the Christmas Season! Starting with the day after Thanksgiving shopping...standing in line to get those great deals is such a rush for me! Maybe I have a problem, but every year I awake at a crazy time in the morning, I have a plan...an agenda, can't sway, or I'll miss the deals...I'm on a mission and I love it! If you can keep up, you're more than welcome to join me next year! :) My goal every year is to make the Holiday season...a season to remember! I have so many memories of fun things my parents did with us girls and I am so focussed on doing the same for my kiddos! With that all being said...after a full day of shopping, we head downtown to the tree lighting in Indy...so much fun! Our next holiday adventure....CHICAGO WEEKEND!! The last couple of years we've gone to Chi-town to visit Auntie A and take in all the Christmas festivities in the windy city! We really have an awesome time every year!! This year I added a new tradition...I took Keira to see her first Nutcracker Ballet! We had a great time...she may have been a little young this year to sit through the whole ballet, but what she did watch she loved! Nothing like watching activities through the eyes of your children! It brings all the excitement back watching their little faces! Keira was absolutely in awe of a Nutcracker that stood in the lobby of the Theater...I caught her on camera from behind standing and staring!! So cute!
This year with baby number 2 in waiting...we were unable to go "home" for Christmas, but everyone came out shortly after for Keira's B-day and we celebrated then....keep watching for birthday pics~
Christmas Eve was a little more special this year with an almost two year old, Keira knew we had to set cookies out for Santa and she would not let us forget the reindeer....they need "tarrots"! We read the "The Night Before Christmas" and Keira's special Christmas book she received from Saint Nick. She also opened the traditional "one" present on Christmas Eve....wow, it's pajama's! :) Christmas morning was more exciting for mommy and daddy than it was for Keira! No, she really enjoyed herself, we were just so excited to see her face!!
Now the tree is down and spring is around the corner...I hope...I'm left reflecting on what a wonderful Holiday season it was...we are so blessed with wonderful family and friends! I don't know what I'd do without each and everyone of you! Looking forward to next year and the many years to come!! Enjoy our Holiday pics....I know we enjoyed taking them!!

The "fella's" and the kids waiting for the big show!

The Tree of Lights!!!

Chicago 08!

Keira showing nothing but love for Santa!! She was so excited to see him, until he was right there!! Shae was given instructions from Santa to watch over her little sister...I was a blubbery mess...man he was a good Santa!!

Here's Shae making cookies at Auntie A's! Auntie A is such a good Auntie....she always makes our trips so special! We love you!

This is showing Shawna has given up "controlling the look of the Christmas Tree"...normally every ornament has a place...this year, I couldn't tell Keira to move her ornaments! She loved decorating the tree and I loved watching her...she's getting so big....oh jeez, here come the waterworks!

Here's Keira waiting on a bench to go into the theater to see the Nutcracker!!

That Nutcracker is so cool!!

Keira opening her Christmas Eve present after mass!

Mommy and Keira reading "The Night Before Christmas"!

Keira infront of her Santa cookies and reindeer carrots!!

On the steps waiting to see if Santa came to visit!!

I think he did!!!

Keira playing with her "pee pee baby"!!

Her fancy shoes...she cannot get enough of these play high heels...she loves them!! She's such a girly girl...I love it!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Few of my favorite things!

Here's a quick and cutesie way to jump forward to the current month....I'll just show you a few of my favorite things that have happened the last couple of months!
Here is my Keira after getting a hold of my eye liner....at least she was somewhat close with her application!!

She absolutely loves wearing my shoes around the house!! I can't believe she hasn't really hurt herself yet!!

It's always a great day when you start it off with "Happy Face Pancakes"! Keira loves these so much...actually I think it's the chocolate she really loves!!

I think it is well known by now...one of my favorite things is to have family come visit me! Here Keira is with her Nana and Papaw visiting Lake Erie! What a fun day we had!

This is absolutely one of my most favorite memories! I had appointments in the Port Clinton area so Daddy and Keira decided to join me for the day! While we were out there we decided to take a drive through the "Drive Through Safari".....wow were we shocked!! We didn't realize just how aggressive the animals would be...we had all sorts of saliva and animal feed all over our car that day! Let's just say it was a day to remember!!!!

Hey fella...come on in!!!

I feel so much joy when I see this look on Keira's face...this is her I am so excited look! She had a great time hangin out on the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!!

Keira loves "Neigh's" as she calls them, so I was so excited to see the pony rides at the pumpkin patch and just had to put her on! She loved it...she may be just like her momma!

So decorating cakes is not one of my ofavorite things to do...but I vow to make it a fun thing for me soon!! I do enjoy seeing smiles on my kids faces and if making an orange cake does that, then here you go! Happy 10th Bday Shae!!

Amusement parks are one of my favorite things and even more so when you have a cute riding partner like I did that day! Here's Keira on her first ride of the day....we had such a fun time!!

Here's Ty being the excellent big brother and taking Keira on the cars....he did a great job with riding the "baby" rides with her!!